I am a choreographer, dancer, director, and multi-media artist. The origins of my performance practice are rooted in classical ballet, having studied Balanchine technique at Stamford City Ballet, Chautauqua Institution, San Francisco Ballet, and American Ballet Theater. After receiving a BFA in painting from San Diego State University, I returned to performance and joined the experimental theater company Proximity. I have performed at the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara, the BAU Institute in Italy, and various Chicago-based venues including the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I am currently completing my MFA in performance art at SAIC.

In my recent performance art work, I mine the complexities of the human condition. I move precariously—wavering, flirting with the dualities of nature, craving both human connection and aloneness, (re)defining strength and weakness, cycles of life and death, social constructs, and relationships. I create physicalities for concepts like constraint, expectation, freedom, idealism, loneliness, loss, and love. I consider autobiographical situations and extract the honesty and poetry from them, distill and transform them into a series of performative gestures based on the human form. I use collaboration, experimentation, imagery from films, and literature to form new vocabularies of choreography and personalize and redefine the subject-hood of performance art.