The Walker is a project that was initiated and performed at a residency in Italy in 2014. Prior to the residency I "walked" through the streets of the town of Otranto using google earth (which was satellite footage from 2010) and took snapshots of the town. Once I was physically there, I mapped out the streets by walking and noting my thought process and the things and people I encountered. Drawing a parallel between my emotional landscape and the physical landscape, I created an installation and performance using the materials I had collected, with community participation, and collaboration between myself and Kyra Lehman, artistic director of Proximity.

This piece was later performed at the University of California Santa Barbara.

Since then I have continued walking as a means of communication, contemplation, and discovery.

A book of images from the performance with the same name, "The Walker" was published in 2016 by Unwork. Inc. SM.jpg Walker edited-9.jpg Walker edited-10.jpg Walker edited-6.jpg Walker edited-8.jpg Walker edited-7.jpg Walker edited.jpg Walker edited-5.jpg Walker edited-4.jpg Walker edited-3.jpg Walker edited-2.jpg